Diversity as a Way of Life

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Diversity... why it matters to me...

I've been thinking a lot about why diversity matters to me, both in my talent and crew, down to even in the wide variety of work that I photograph.

It's so easy to say, "Oh, diversity is an Important thing, we have to do it for its own sake..." and that is of course valuable in and of itself.

But diversity is meant to be like life... and to me, diversity means that every perspective matters. It means that our life is more rich because we have so many ways of looking at things.

I've learned that shooting a wide variety of genres (from auto to healthcare to lifestyle to travel) gives me a perspective that can catch the right moment at the right time... and keep the work fresh and creative throughout all styles of campaigns.

Photographers and directors, more than most, understand that life is a matter of perspective. You can shoot down low or up high... put yourself in another's shoes... or just sit across the table from a friend, my favorite perspective. It's about honoring the person across from you... and diversity means giving weight to every person's opinion.

I've often walked onto a set and said, "I don't assume I'm the only pair of eyes here... if you see something beautiful, call it out. Let's create something together."

I'll never forget sitting down at a crew cocktail hour with my producer Kaylah, Jalondra and Jocelyn after a big production this spring... these ladies shared a conversation with me from their perspectives that really marked me. They were so gracious as to share their experience with keeping representation of people true and authentic.

They long to see a variety of perspectives too and they are wise and wonderful women that are so generous with their own knowledge. You should connect with them... to learn how styling, teamwork and cultural meanings can really matter to a production.

Thanks to voices like theirs, you'll find me always looking for simple ways to add another voice or another seat to the table... and I'll always be looking to keep my perspectives open.

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Month 01, 2022

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