Tips For Commercial Photographers

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You likely googled, "how to become a commercial photographer" and came up empty. Yeah, me too. In 2012, after graduating with my BA in photography, I started my business in Nashville, TN… and made $50 for my first-ever editorial shoot.

Now I work full time as a commercial photographer also working in cities like San Francisco and Dallas... working with dream clients and earning a strong living. It wasn't an accident or something that I just stumbled into with a series of happy accidents. The work comes with hours of work, research and being willing to stay the course.

It can be hard starting out, because no one tells you how to do this stuff. Until now.

Raising the bar in our industry should be a matter of course. We need committed, brave, bright storytellers who know how to treat people right. 

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Here are a few of my tips for folks who are just starting out:

-spend time getting to know who you are and making friends with yourself as an artist. Go to galleries, look at really old photography books dusty in a public library and stay hungry to create. Remember what drew you in. It will help you stand out.

-after you're done with the photography stack, read business books. Seriously. I have a minor in business law and another one in marketing, personally. Understanding how to price, market, and

-be a nice human. Look out for folks, think of other's feelings... it's about showing love to the folks you meet up with, market to, and network with.

It all feels vague, until it's not. To be honest, I wished someone would have given me a checklist of what to do and encouraged me on the road. After teaching college and providing advice through DMs, I decided to create a personalized program with just those things.

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The course walks you through how to do the work of becoming a commercial photographer with loads of support. Note that I said work- it’s a process that lasts a lifetime. The program includes portfolio, goals, marketing, finances, clients… the whole 9 yards. University-level instruction, to-do lists, book lists, coaching calls & connections to industry gatekeepers. Plus a couple extra yards, because I’m committed. I’m here to guide you through the process.

Thanks so much for reading and for trusting me. For more info and testimonials, click this link!


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