Cinematic Direction from a Director of Photography

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‌Every photographer has their way, a path they take for their career. It's how they move through life, how they find their way of making a mark on the world. I figured out early in my career: if I were going to do my best work, I'd need to find the kind of clients that make this challenge easy.

Godaddy needed  a commercial photographer with an immersive, cinematic and editorial style for their Makers Campaign. They needed me to be me and capture the beauty and light of the innovators in their Nashville and Memphis markets.

Caring about people is a requirement.‌

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‍Every image I take starts with connecting with people. So even when the assignment isn't technically a portrait, the story beings with the person driving the idea or company. It's not hard to find this person. They are always beaming with so much light and energy.

Capturing these souls is what I live for. Their passion is infectious. And when we genuinely connect, the magic comes out.

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My work is often described as cinematic and purposeful... that's because it is. I work on creating images that feel like movie set stills, that capture moments within moments, that bring the viewer to a sense of place. It's also no accident that I work as a director as well, drawing people out not just for photographs but also motion based pieces that draw the audience into that same nostalgia. 


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Month 01, 2022

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